Our Staff

Family-owned since its establishment in 1978, Minnesota Wisconsin Playground takes pride in building strong communities across the Midwest. From planning to ribbon-cutting, we guide our customers through every step of the project. We partner with municipalities, schools, architects and youth organizations to plan, design and build their vision from the ground-up.

Harlan Lehman profile
Harlan Lehman
Eric Denning profile
Eric Denning
Sales Manager
Minnesota and Wisconsin
Carolyn "Corky" Kozloski profile
Carolyn "Corky" Kozloski
Office Manager
Dan Lanes profile
Dan Lanes
Sales Representative
Minnesota and Wisconsin
Tim Newgard profile
Tim Newgard
Sales Representative
Minnesota and Wisconsin
Jon Gilbertson profile
Jon Gilbertson
Sales Representative
Doc Johnson profile
Doc Johnson
CAD Designer
John Ortiz profile
Samuel Brusen profile
Samuel Brusen
CAD Designer
Winston profile

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