Playground Equipment

Since 1929, GameTime has been a pioneer in the commercial playground industry.  From the first commercially available inclusive playgrounds to the advent of custom, themed playgrounds, GameTime has a rich heritage of innovative design and engineering that moves play forward.  In addition to GameTime equipment, Minnesota Wisconsin Playground offers complimentary product lines to fit all of your recreation needs.

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Play Systems

Browse our pre-designed play structures online or work with our playground designers to bring your imagination to life.

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Balancing - Balance Beam Picture 86 1513010053


From traditional balance beams to modern net structures, we offer extensive products to help aid children's balancing and coordination development.

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Climbers - Climber Ionix 88 1503888026


Challenge yourself with our assortment of climbers.  Between traditional metal and overhead climbers to more creative rock and vine climbers, GameTime has an answer for all of your needs.

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Crawl Tubes - Crawl Tube Girl 3040 1467924509 89 1513010061

Crawl Tubes

Crawl tubes offer creative links on the playground.  For children, the scale of any play structure is enlarged when they are forced to crawl through tubes.  Crawl tubes also afford quiet, private resting places for children to catch their breath.

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Merry Go Round and Whirls - 5055 Merry Go All 5 90 1513010065

Merry Go Round and Whirls

There is no substitute for the sensation of a whirl.  Fortunately, we have many whirl products, including the inclusive Merry-Go-All.

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Motion & Spinning - Hugh Macrae Park Inclusive Playground 28447546081 O 91 1513010070

Motion & Spinning

We design products and playgrounds to foster active and social play.  Our motion-oriented equipment will encourage you to move, spin and fly!

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Music & Sound - Bongos Ps16001 92 1503890043

Music & Sound

Our music instruments encourage collaboration, creativity, and age-appropriate activities for multi-generational users at any development stage.  GT Symphony is an unrivaled collection of precision-tuned instruments created in partnership with Freenotes Harmony Park, a PlayCore company.

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Nets - Nets 93 1503890050


We offer a multitude of net options that are available as freestanding components or as appendages to play structures.

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Play Houses - 36059 Nature Discovery Play House 007 94 1513010077

Play Houses

Let the imaginations flourish by building a play house in your park, school or daycare.

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Slides - F5 Spiral Slide Ps16001 95 1503890438


No playground is complete without a slide!  We have different styles and materials for every height.

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Swings - Swings Header 96 1513010082


Browse the industry's widest selection of playground swings.

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Zip Lines - Sky Run Zip Line 97 1503890450

Zip Lines

Zip lines can turn any playground into a fun adventure.  We offer the industry's widest selection of zip lines.

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