Community Build Playground Installation

Minnesota Wisconsin Playground is excited to assist your volunteers in constructing your new playground. To achieve a successful community build, much organization and site preparation is required before your volunteer build day. Please note the following information.

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Community Build Installation

A community build with Minnesota Wisconsin Playground may vary from project to project, but can generally be defined as the following:

One person from Minnesota Wisconsin Playground, whom possesses construction experience and is CPSI and GameTime trained, will come to your site to consult your volunteers on build day.

The MWP supervisor will be on site to direct your volunteers to install the playground in accordance with the GameTime installation instructions. We cannot be held responsible for volunteers not adhering to basic construction guidelines, such as using equipment and tools improperly, scratching or dragging the equipment, and not following directions. Failure of a playground safety inspection after installation is the responsibility of the owner and should be immediately corrected by following the GameTime installation instructions.

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Site Preparation

It is of utmost importance that your site be ready for installation. Out of fairness to all customers, if your site is not ready prior to your scheduled build date, your rescheduled build date will be subject to the availability of MWP consultants. Your site will be considered “ready” when all of the following conditions have been met:

  1. The site must be excavated to provide for safety surfacing. Surfacing should not be installed prior to equipment installation.
  2. The site must have adequate size to fit the play equipment and its minimum safety zones.
  3. The site must be level. If your site exceeds a .5% slope in any direction, consult MWP at least two weeks before the day of your volunteer build.
  4. The site must be clear of utilities. It is required by law that underground utility locations be determined at least one week before the project commences. The following companies will come to your site, locate and mark any underground utilities at no charge:
    • a. Minnesota – Gopher State One Call
    • b. Wisconsin – Diggers Hotline
  5. 5. Most jobs require footing holes to be dug prior to the morning of the community build.
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We generally recommend one volunteer for every $2,000 spent on your project. For example, if your project had a $40,000 total budget, you should have 20 volunteers available on build day. This does not include volunteers needed to provide refreshments, supervise children, photograph, etc. If your volunteer build requires the consultant to be present for more than one day, it is recommended that the majority of volunteers be present for the entire build to reduce training time. Individuals with experience in construction are ideal and can oftentimes lead a small group of volunteers after following the instructions of the MWP supervisor for some time. If a community build is not completed due to an insufficient amount of volunteers, lack of manpower among the group, or a clear disinterest among those involved, the owner may be charged for the consultant’s additional time.