Turnkey Solutions & Community Installation

Certified. Compliant. Seamless.

Minnesota Wisconsin Playground provides full-service park and playground installation and construction solutions.  Our construction services are designed to support each phase of a project's vision.  Our experienced project managers and installers make the construction process easy and keep each project on schedule and on budget.  All of our installers are GameTime factory trained and certified.  Unlike most companies, we work hand-in-hand with our contractors to ensure that every project meets the client's expectations.

In addition to our turnkey construction services, we also manage dozens of community installation build events each year in which an experienced installer will supervise a group of volunteers to construct a playground in one day.

Step One: Pre-Install Site Review - 32061660902 E736Bce9Bf O 453 1513628274

Step One: Pre-Install Site Review

Your local Minnesota Wisconsin Playground consultant will qualify your site and discuss any challenges.

What are some things we look for?

  • Is the path to the site unobstructed?
  • Is the play area level?
  • Will the site drain properly?
  • Is there space for staging of materials and equipment?
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Step Two: Equipment Delivery & Site Prep - Crooked Creek 24 219 1513005301

Step Two: Equipment Delivery & Site Prep

Once the play area site is established, the area must be prepared for construction.

What does this include?

  • Call ahead for underground utility locates
  • Clearing trees and brush
  • Removing existing equipment
  • Grading the play area to be level
  • Accept and unload equipment deliveries on site
Step Three: Site Clean-up & Trash Removal - 31400374423 1Ba7A3286A K 454 1513628281

Step Three: Site Clean-up & Trash Removal

Once the playground is installed, excess packaging and construction waste will need to be managed and hauled off-site.

Step Four: Final Walk Through & Approval - Net Tunnel 3 221 1513628286

Step Four: Final Walk Through & Approval

Once everything is completed, we encourage you to walk the site with the playground installer to ensure the project is up to your standards.

Certified Installers

GameTime's exclusive Certified Installer Training ensures that our installers are trained on safety regulations, industry standards and best installation practices so that you receive the best customer service experience.  Oftentimes, our installer is the last one to leave your site so it is critical that they are informed of industry practices and your specific project scope.